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The Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Portugal Midwest, which, ECO-INOV Sustainable Technology company is a member, is proud to have indicated the municipality of Luziânia to receive the new SOLIKER industry, specializing in photovoltaic cells.

Is to be congratulated the people of Luziânia, the dynamic Mayor Mr. Christopher Tormim and Economic Development Secretary, Mr. Marcos Melo, who in an exemplary way, demonstrated to SOLIKER the extraordinary advantages that Luziânia offers to host high-tech companies.

We commend in particular, Mrs. Gabriela Courte Batista, who chose Luziânia for install SOLIKER.

Luziânia is in the Midwest region, strategically located near Brasilia and offers excellent environment to host this magnificent company in this region that stands out by one of highest rates of economic growth in Brazil.


The government of Goiás signed with Soliker Brazil, Industry and Trade Photovoltaic Modules Ltda. company, a letter of intent whereby Goiás is going to host the first company in the country to produce photovoltaic cells.

The Brazilian company headquarters, which also operates in Spain, is specialized in manufacturing photovoltaic modules for clean energy generation, has already moved from São Paulo to Luziânia, surrounding of Federal District.


The partnership was made official on Wednesday (17), with the signing of a memorandum understanding, also involving Luziânia Prefecture. The deputy governor Mr. José Eliton represented the governor Mr. Marconi Perillo and welcomed the president of the company, Mrs. Gabriela Franciscato Corte Batista. Signed the protocol also the Secretary of Industry and Commerce (SIC), Mr. William O’Dwyer, and the mayor of Luziânia, Mr. Christopher Tormin. Other secretaries areas attended the signing.

The protocol involves the implantation of an industrial unit for manufacturing and photovoltaic modules commercialization as well as solutions in energy efficiency, basic engineering services, implementation, installation, coordination and technical assistance in the municipality of Luziânia.

The partnership provides an investment of R$200 milliones for construction a plant in Luziânia, generating 98 direct jobs and 3.000 indirect jobs in the operational phase. The state government, among other incentives, will finance 73% of the share encouraged and contracted with the Development Agency, financial agent of Produce program.

On the other hand, Luziânia Prefecture gave an area of 250 thousand square meters for implementation of the project, of which 30 thousand square meters for factory, 30 thousand square meters for the expansion of the same, and 190 thousand square meters for establishment of 8.5 MWp photovoltaic solar power plant for their own supply and nearby industrial area.

The deputy governor, who will take over in January the Department of Economic Development, Science and Technology, Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, said that signing of agreement “does Goiás close 2014 reflecting the spirit of the moment, with the coming of several companies, that made Goiás grow above the average of other Brazilian states.”

Mr. William O’Dwyer emphasized the privilege of Goiás has been chosen from four states to host this industry. A decisive factor in the choice was the high incidence of sun in Goiás territory. Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina were also in contention, but Goiás was revealed more competitive.

The support and articulation of public officials of Goiás, as SIC and Department of Science and Technology (Sectec), in addition to government incentives granted by Governor Mr. Marconi Perillo also had great weight in the arrival of the company. This was underlined by president of Soliker.

Mrs. Gabriela has gifted Mr. José Eliton and Mr. Cristóvão Tormin with copy models of solar cells that will be produced, in a minor scale, suitable for energy production. She, who produced in her Spain factory, said she was very happy to be able to mount a clean energy matrix plant in Brazil, reminding that other countries are already in this way for three decades. According to the businesswoman, Luziânia unit is going to start with a production line of thin film technology, used for architectural integration and a crystalline line, aimed at power plants. Mrs. Gabriela also defended the preparing of Brazilian manpower for the sector.

The mayor of Luziânia celebrated the boost in job creation in the region, coupled with the desire of a factory focused on clean energy. He greeted the deputy governor by the new department challenge. ” Technical and Political competences accredited his work” he said.

The company will create 98 direct jobs and 3.000 indirect jobs. The deputy governor Mr. José Eliton underline that development of new Technology Parks like this, to ensure greater competitiveness and adding value to Goiás production and are challenges that State has to do for continue to grow economically. “The success of this company will be the success of Goiás economy,” he said.

This is the second company specializing in manufacture of photovoltaic panels to sign a memorandum of understanding with the State only in the second half of this year. In August, S4 Solar company announced an investment of R$30 millions to build a factory in Anápolis.


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